KSS Effort for Covid-19 Relief in India

As we all know, 2nd Wave of COVID-19 hit our nation very hard. Our own kannadigas in Bengaluru were not spared either. There were many people who are Covid positive but do not have the support system to take care of them. They may be single, moved temporarily to Bangalore, have families who may be vulnerable to the virus and not much space is available at home for isolation etc is .

With firm determination, we kannadigas from KSS joined hands with Rashtrotthana Parishat from bengaluru to support their initiative to start Covid Isolation Centers. They are designed keeping in mind where people need isolation with support (food, shelter, isolation, monitoring, provide medicines etc. ) but are not in need for hospital support.

With immense support for our community members including non-kannadigas, KSS was able to raise $7,500 towards the expenses to support Rashtrotthana in this great cause.