Kannada Sangha of Sacramento (KSS) selects one charity to support every year from Karnataka, India. The donations from all KSS patrons towards the charity is collected throughout the year and then sent to the selected charity. KSS with support of our community members-initiated charity efforts starting in year 2008. Since then, with the support of Kannada community and extended India community members we were able to support more than 15 non-profit organizations who are supporting various social causes like health, education etc. by contributing a total of $107,570 till date. Refer below for charity specific details.

KSS is proudly supporting One School At A Time (OSAAT) for 2024.

OSAAT is a mix of volunteer-lead, staff supported, consultant based non-profit organization rebuilding the infrastructure of rural schools in India. Registered as an 80G non-profit organization in India and a 501c3 in the United States, its mission is to enable children in rural India to thrive, supporting their physical and emotional health to foster intellectual growth and break the cycle of illiteracy and poverty. OSAAT Digital School Infrastructure (ODiSI) program supported by the Dept of State Education Research and Training, Govt. of Karnataka, is an initiative to enable affordable, accessible and sustainable infrastructure for the rural child and provide them with an equal opportunity to learn. It is an open-ended platform where multiple contributors can participate and leverage existing content. OSAAT aspires to bridge the divide between urban India and rural India, especially in terms of access and content and has successfully rebuilt over 65 schools in different states like Karnataka through targeted investments and strategic partnerships. Join us in supporting OSAAT by donating through KSS.

About Us – OSAAT

YearCharity NameFunds Raised($)Additional Details
2008Mathru Chaya SarvaDharma Anathashrama, Shimoga$1,900
2009Sri Vivekananda Kushtha Seva Samithi, Bijapur$5,381
2010Divya Deepa Charitable Trust, Mysore$4,100
2011OM Ashram, Old age care$4,775
2012Deenabandhu Children’s home$4,100
20131. Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals
2. Mathru Chaya Children’s Orphanage
$9,000KSS 10th Anniversary : Mega Charity
2014Nisvartha Foundation$6,112
2015Nisvartha Foundation$6,078
2016Samiksha Foundation$6,639
2017Nightingale Medical Trust$6,800
2018Nightingale Medical Trust: $11000
WeEmbrance: $630
Annapurna: $630
MySisters house: $630
Butte County School Relief: $630
2019Samarthanam- Jnanasindhu Residential School for blind kids$5,000
2020Samarthanam- Jnanasindhu Residential School for blind kids$4,100
2021Rashtrotthana Parishat, Bangalore$7,565In support of COVID-19 Relief Centers in Bangalore
2021Kaliyuva Mane – Divya Deepa Trust, Mysore$7,500Funds will be used to build 1 class room. Project Completed – Pragna classroom inauguration (
2022Sahana Charitable Trust for Disabled, Bangalore$6,000Funds will be used to procure technology assets (On hold)
2022Sacramento Crisis Nursery Goods for domestic use in the nursery
2022FATE.Org Sacramento$1,000
2023Support A Child$8,000This donation supports 32 Children in Karnataka state for a period of 1 year.

KSS requests its community to provide the names of the charities for selection and then selects one of the charities. These donations are tax deductible and KSS will provide the receipts for the same. For more information on charity please contact KSS Charity Team.

In addition, KSS also support local charity efforts primary through charity volunteers.

You can support KSS in it’s charity efforts in variety of ways.