Our Sponsors

We are grateful to our sponsors for helping us and promoting our cultural efforts.

Annual Sponsors

Anil Halappa is a Financial advisor at Primerica Financial services, expert in Insurance and Investment planning. He takes a wholistic approach to financial planning beginning with helping you in creating Your Financial Plan or Roadmap or GPS to Achieve Financial Freedom more efficiently. He is licensed in multiple states to offer Income Protection – Life Insurance, Investments and Roll-Overs of Retirement Assets etc. He serves over 200 families who trust him regarding their Insurance and Investment needs.

Strong supporter of Kannada Community in Bay Area and Sacramento area, KSS event sponsored in 2020 and Annual sponsor this 2021. 

Contact Anil Halappa at Call (209)380-9856“>56 or email ahalappa@primerica.com for your financial planning and investments needs.

Shankar Reddy is our annual sponsor, and he is strong supporter of Kannada community and Indian community in general in Sacramento area. He is helping in buying and selling real estate properties and assisting in mortgage loans and refinances. 

Contact Shankar Reddy at pathi.shankar@gmail.com for all your real estate purchases and mortgage loans (residential and commercial)