Kannada Shaale

ಕಲಿತವರು ಕಲಿಸಿರಿ, ಕಲಿಯದವರು ಕಲಿಯಿರಿ

About “Kannada Kali” program:

In pursuit of achieving our organization’s goal of preserving and passing on Kannada language to the next generation (or anyone who is interested in learning), KSS conducts Kannada classes at two convenient locations, Folsom and Roseville. Kannada Shale – Folsom and Roseville are a volunteer run Kannada schools. Our aspiration is to help kids of Kannada speaking community to learn and converse in Kannada. Highly dedicated and motivated volunteer teachers conduct classes every Sunday of the week according to Folsom & the Rocklin School Districts Calendar.

Our school follows the Kannada Koota of Northern California (KKNC) curriculum. Teaching methodology is aligned with how a second language is learnt by building vocabulary through words, word phrases, rules for sentences, poems – stories, reading – writing  – all in parallel. 

Students are grouped based on  their kannada language familiarity and knowledge. Eg: if a 12 year old doesn’t understand a single kannada word, he/she will be put in grade 1.

When? – Every Sunday at 5:00 PM

Where? – Virtual for 2023-24

Age – 5 years and up


We have  4  levels depending on the level of the student:

Grade 1-Basic : Kids learn from ‘a’ to ‘aha’ of Kannada alphabets. We also focus on encouraging the kids to talk in Kannada, words for animals, vegetables, colors, body parts, fruits etc. Stories are also told in Kannada to improve Kannada vocabulary. 

Grade-2-Intermediate 1: Kids learn alphabets ‘ka’ to ‘La’ and read small words. They get an introduction to ‘Kannada-kagunita’. They also learn conversational skills along with advanced vocabulary. 

Grade-3-Intermediate2: Kids learn kagunita, ottakshara and reading/writing in kannada. They learn kannada proverbs, riddles and our history.

Grade-4 & 5-Advance – Kids learn to read chapters, write complex and grammatically accurate sentences in Kannada. Advanced story narration is the outcome and expectation graduating from this grade.

Contact Kannada Shaale @ Kannda.Kali@sackanndasangha.org