KSS Event – Diet as a medicine.

Dr. Shivaram Bhat presented and talked about various health issues which arises using wrong food. He also talked about what are the foods including milk,grains , fruits and vegetables, are healthy to use in our daily life. He mentioned what to avoid in our food intake with his own personal experience. It was an hr and 15 mins presentation. It was very informative and thanks to Dr. Bhat who took time to lecture us on healthy habits and diet.

1.Kamal Joshi : It was an excellent presentation -very well organized and full of information. A great effort and we enjoyed it and learned a lot. Kudos to you and Dr. Bhat.

2. :VijayB.: Dr. Bhat, last week your presentation on ‘Diet as Medicine’ at Fair Oaks library was well organized and well-presented eye opener. I look forward to be part of another session in the near future.

Please find the Slideshow below.

  • Report by Laxmi Rao

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