Charities supported in the past years

Kannada Sangha of Sacramento (KSS) selects one charity to support every year from Karantaka, India. The donations from all KSS patrons towards the charity is collected throughout the year and then sent to the selected charity. These are the charities the sangha has supported in the recent past.  Please contact KSS Charity Team for more information.

2018 – Nightingale Medical Trust

2017 – Nightingale Medical Trust

2016 – Samiksha Foundation

2015 –  Nisvartha Foundation

2014 – Nisvartha Foundation

2013 – Mathru Chaya SarvaDharma Anathashrama, Shimoga

2012 – Deenabandhu Children’s home

2011 – Om Ashram

2010 – DivyaDeep Foundation, Mysore

2009 – Vivekananda Kushta Seva Samithi

2008 – Mathru Chaya SarvaDharma Anathashrama, Shimoga