KSS Charity

Kannada Sangha of Sacramento (KSS) selects one charity to support every year from Karantaka, India. The donations from all KSS patrons towards the charity is collected throughout the year and then sent to the selected charity.

KSS requests its community to provide the names of the charities for selection and then selects one of the charities. These donations are tax deductible and KSS will provide the receipts for the same. For more information on charity please contact KSS Charity Team


Nightingales Medical Trust (http://www.nightingaleseldercare.com) has been selected as the charity to support this year. Nightingales Medical Trust (NMT) is a registered not-for-profit voluntary organization that works for the well-being of elderly in Bangalore. Every day, over 1000 elders benefit from their services.

NMT’s vision is to be innovative and establish need-based and community-based support systems to ensure that elders are healthy, happy, empowered and live with dignity. Its vision includes enhancing the quality of life of elders and people with dementia, combating elder abuse, and building the capacity of NGOs engaged in elder care. All projects are professionally managed and the services are well utilized by growing numbers of elders. NMT.  The following is the list of NMTs major ongoing projects.

  • Nightingales Elders Enrichment Centers – mitigating loneliness
  • Elders Helpline 1090 – Helping Elders in distress or being abused
  • Sandhya Kirana – Day care for economically disadvantaged and those suffering from dementia
  • Steady steps – Fall prevention and rehabilitation
  • Nightingales Jobs 60+ – Skills development and job promotion for needy elders
  • Comprehensive residential care facility for persons with dementia
  • Telemedicine-enabled residential dementia care facility
  • Helping elders utilize available benefits and privileges
  • Advocacy and Awareness to protect the rights and interests of the elderly
  • Hospice care when requested

In recent years, KSS supported charities that focused on college education for bright students who could not afford, education for children getting inpatient treatment for cancer. This year we have selected NMT that focuses on another important but often neglected growing segment of population – seniors. Please see Nightingales Flyer.

KSS plans to have many fun and cultural events to support fundraising for this noble initiative. We welcome your ideas and generous support. Please contact KSS Charity Team for further information.