Kannada School

Purpose –

Kannada classes are conducted for kids to learn about the language. It teaches kids how to speak, read and write in that language. The teachers are all volunteers helping Kannada community to spread the language. The classes are conducted every Sunday. It also includes other fun activities like field trips and educational tours.


Kannda classes consist of various age groups.

  • Muddumani – ages (4-6)
  • Chintamani – ages (7-8)
  • Shikhamani – ages (9-12)

    Class Fees

    First Child: $30 per year, Second Child: $25 per year, Third Child: $20 per year, Adult: $50 per year. 1st and 2nd standard text books prescribed by Govt. of Karnataka, writing material etc will be provided in class.


    • Kiran Bhat
    • Panduranga Itagi

Contact Us

      For any questions about Kannada Classes, please, contact us at