Kannada Sangha of Sacramento (KSS) selects one charity to support every year from Karantaka, India. The donations from all KSS patrons towards the charity is collected throughout the year and then sent to the selected charity.

KSS requests its community to provide the names of the charities for selection and then selects one of the charities. These donations are tax deductible and KSS will provide the receipts for the same. For more information on charity please contact KSS Charity Team.

KSS with support of our community members initiated charity efforts starting in year 2008. Since then with the support of kannada community and extended India community members we were able to support more than 15 non-profit organizations who are supporting various social causes like health, education etc by contributing a total of $77,500 till date. Refer below for charity specific details.

In addition, KSS also support local charity efforts primary through charity volunteers.

You can support KSS in it’s charity efforts in variety of ways

  • Donate through Benevity and utilize your employer’s match to double the impact of your contribution.
  • PayPal  to  with a note mention
  • to specific cause “Local Charity” or “India Charity”

  • Via check payment: Payable to “ Kannada Sangha of Sacramento” and mail
      Mrudula Kulkarni,
      1189 Galston Dr. Folsom, CA 95630
  • You can also choose Kannada Sangha of Sacramento as a supporting organization while shopping at Shop at and Amazon donate to KSS, at no cost to you.

    Food Donation to HART @ Folsom, CA

    As part of our continued commitment to community service, KSS has partnered with Annapoorna USA Foundation to provide Food Donation to HART which distributes food to local homeless and needy people at Lions Park, Next to Folsom Zoo in Folsom, CA.

    KSS charity volunteers and supporters whole heartedly contribute to this event since 2018 and has made significant impact how we support our communities.



    KSS is proud to announce that we have selected ಕಲಿಯುವ ಮನೆ [Kaliyuva Mane – Home for Learning : ] run by Divya Deepa Charitable Trust, Mysore as the India Charity of the Year 2021

    ಕಲಿಯುವ ಮನೆ [Kaliyuva Mane] is a free child-centric alternative school for the ‘out-of-system’ children. Initiated in 2005, the school believes in the philosophy, “School for Children, Not Children for School”.

    NCERT – The National Council of Educational Research and Training, an autonomous organization of the Government of India has produced a 40 minutes documentary film on ‘Kaliyuva Mane’. Please watch this film to understand the functioning of ‘‘Kaliyuva Mane’ in You Tube

    Kaliyuva Mane’ has been successful in develop a customized syllabus based on every students learning abilities and their interests. In addition to academic teaching, ‘‘Kaliyuva Mane’ also introduced  Kids Bank, Kids Court, Reward System to teach life skills and also encourage them to be eco friendly by providing hands-on experience with practical labortory to learn Organic Gardening, Waste Water Recycling, Solar Energy generation eco-friendly projects.  

    Food, accommodation, healthcare & hygiene is given to all the children for free of cost in an environment charged with Love, Care and Empathy, to ensure no child is deprived of a happy childhood.

    The current school block was constructed in the year 2009 and the total number of students/beneficiaries was 50, out of which 20 were resident scholars. Currently total number of students/ beneficiaries is close to 100.

    To accommodate the growing number of beneficiaries, ‘Kaliyuva Mane’ has initiated a project to build 8 new class rooms of which 4 class rooms are being sponsored by Bangalore based corporation. ‘Kaliyuva Mane’ needs support from donors to build remaining 4 class rooms.

    1. Donate through Benevity and utilize your employer’s match to double the impact of your contribution.
    2. PayPal  to  with a note ‘Kaliyuva Mane’
    3. Via check payment: Payable to “ Kannada Sangha of Sacramento” and mail
        Mrudula Kulkarni,
        1189 Galston Dr. Folsom, CA 95630
    YearCharity NameFunds Raised($)Additional Details
    2008Mathru Chaya SarvaDharma Anathashrama, Shimoga$1,900
    2009Sri Vivekananda Kushtha Seva Samithi, Bijapur$5,381
    2010Divya Deepa Charitable Trust, Mysore$4,100
    2011OM Ashram, Old age care$4,775
    2012Deenabandhu Children’s home$4,100
    20131. Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals
    2. Mathru Chaya Children’s Orphanage
    $9,000KSS 10th Anniversary : Mega Charity
    2014Nisvartha Foundation$6,112
    2015Nisvartha Foundation$6,078
    2016Samiksha Foundation$6,639
    2017Nightingale Medical Trust$6,800
    2018Nightingale Medical Trust: $11000
    WeEmbrance: $630
    Annapurna: $630
    MySisters house: $630
    Butte County School Relief: $630
    2019Samarthanam- Jnanasindhu Residential School for blind kids$5,000
    2020Samarthanam- Jnanasindhu Residential School for blind kids$4,100
    2021Rashtrotthana Parishat, Bangalore$7,565In support of COVID-19 Relief Centers in Bangalore
    2021Kaliyuva Mane – Divya Deepa Trust$7,500Funds will be used to build 1 class room