KSS has adopted the following objectives that drives the organization in decision making, priorities, and setting vision for future.

  1. To protect, maintain, preserve and  promote the interests, heritage,  language, culture and history of  Kannadigas residing in Greater Sacramento area.
  2. To encourage the young generation  of the Kannadigas in Greater Sacramento
    Area to participate in the  activities of Kannada programs.
  3. To establish a program of teaching  Kannada language and culture for  young children.
  4. To establish forums for exchange of  information among Kannadigas for helping each other.
  5. To encourage Kannadigas to participate actively in all other Indian organizations in Sacramento, contribute to the growth and recognition of Indians.
  6. To encourage Kannadigas to participate actively in the Local Community events and contribute towards the growth of the same.