About Us

Kannada Sangha of Sacramento (KSS) is an association of Kannadigas (Kannada speaking people from Karnataka State in India), who live, or work in the Greater Sacramento region of California. Although Sacramento had a good number of Kannadigas, there was never an effort to bring them all together on a single platform. As a popular Kannada phrase, “Hani Hani Goodidare Halla” indicates, a few like-minded Kannadigas of Greater Sacramento decided to come together and form a cultural group to fulfill their dream of unity and cultural enrichment among their friends and families. Although several miniature annada programs were done in the past in the local area, there was never a formal Kannada program like the Kannada Rajyothsava cultural event that was organized by the pioneers of this group on November 2003 at Shri Siddi Vinayaka Temple, Sacramento. After this successful program, there was no look back by the organization as many more volunteers joined the group, and the association grew stronger each year under the leadership of many self-less volunteers, who are committed to promote and educate the Kannada culture, language, literature, and its origin to the younger generation.
KSS is a secular, educational, linguistic and cultural Non Profit Organization, and its aim is to accomplish the objectives.